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I am proud of you for prioritizing your mental health and self care.  


Research indicates that meditation can decrease stress, reduce anxiety, help with pain management, increase focus, strengthen memory and so much more.  


Below you can schedule a 10 or 20 minute personalized guided meditation session with me.  


For your first meditation, I will ask you a few questions to get a deeper understanding of your meditation history and any expectations you may have.


I look forward to sitting with you.


My Services

helpful words
Meditation: Meditation is an exercise in which one focus deeply on an anchor point for an extended period of time for spiritual or relaxation purposes.
(Meditation is diverse and has a lengthy history but for simplicity sake the above definition will suffice for now.)
Sit: The act of sitting for meditating purposes.
Anchor: The part of your body that you focus on while meditating.  Generally, the three main anchors are the nostrils, the chest or the belly. 
What you'll need
A comfortable and quiet place to sit or lay.​
A human body
Headphones (optional)


"Good morning! I wanted to tell you thank you for doing the one on one meditation last night. For those 10 min I felt so calm and relaxed. I didn’t know what to expect, because I never meditated before and I really feel it exceeded my expectations. Thank you for really helping me!"

Anon, 30

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