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Mindful Light 

 A safe and healing space for the guiding light of mindfulness. 

This is an interactive website to help you become more mindful, peaceful and loving towards yourself. Welcome! You are safe and free to play here.

The Peace Plan

A 30 day commitment to cultivate inner peace and mindful community.


Disciplined Self Love

"The radical transformative practice of training and reprogramming the mind to respond in a loving and compassionate way towards the self!" -Mindful Light

Join The Peace Plan

Beginning late 2021, commit to a guided mental health and mindfulness program 

Book a Session

Schedule a one-on-one personalized guided meditation.  Your first three sessions are complimentary. 

My Journey to Disciplined Self Love

Learn about how I discovered the practices of Disciplined Self Love and how it transformed my inner life. 

Sound Bath

Click here to receive the latest sound bath information. 

Feeling Anxious

Are you feeling anxious right now? 

If you are feeling anxious right now, is it okay with you if we go through a short mindfulness exercise together? Okay? Thank you precious one.  Virtually, we are together right now. Can you notice five things you see in the space you are in? Okay take the time now to notice these five things... Wonderful. Great job. Can we keep going? Lovely.  Can you notice four things you feel right now? Maybe you feel things in your body, maybe you can feel your clothing.  Be gentle with yourself and take the time to notice these four things you feel.  Maybe it feels kind of nice to notice these feelings. If it doesn't that is okay. Okay precious one. Can we keep going? Yes? Good. Now notice three things you hear. You are doing perfect wherever you are. Noticing the three things you hear. Finally, notice two  things you smell and one thing you taste. Well done.  If you are still feeling anxious, I am sorry. But maybe this activity helped just a little and you can always come back to it. 

Maybe you can notice the anxiety and what that feels like and describe it to yourself without attaching yourself to what you are feeling.

Maybe you can do a guided meditation through Youtube, the Calm app, Headspace or the Simple Habit app or schedule a future session with me.

You can also watch some videos that may serve as helpful reminders to you.

If you are feeling very scary please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 


How it Works


"As a beginner to meditation, Andrea's guided meditations are so helpful & soothing. I feel much calmer & less anxious after each session. I've continued to do some work outside of our sessions & find that clearing my mind is so much easier to do. Thank you for your guidance."

Anon, 26

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